“When several meetings coordinate their activities, they create an intergroup, which is a board or committee through which these groups provide services.”

— Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 91

An intergroup is made up of individuals representing autonomous member groups within a defined geographic region, who meet regularly to coordinate activities and conduct business for the collective benefit of their member groups. Specialized types of meetings, such as tele-meetings or online meetings, may also choose to form intergroups to address issues unique to their particular medium.

An intergroup typically is formed to pool resources and efforts in order to enhance the effectiveness of member support and outreach in a particular geographic area. Intergroups often provide services that may include the following:

  • Maintaining a common mailing address and postal mailbox.
  • Providing telephone and answering services.
  • Coordinating a plan to assure timely responses to requests for information or about meetings in the area.
  • Planning and coordinating special community-wide or regional outreach activities.
  • Developing and maintaining an intergroup website

The Intergroup Communications Committee (ICC) provides a means for sharing of ideas among the various intergroups throughout the fellowship and a means of bringing issues of concern to local areas directly to the Board. Intergroups may also serve as a valuable communication link to bring issues from the fellowship-at-large, the ISO, or other regions to local member groups.

Intergroups that register with the ISO are placed on the ISO of SAA website.

The ICC has produced a comprehensive Intergroup Guide, which is currently available through the ISO office and on the SAA website. The Guide also includes examples of bylaws and operating guidelines used by several well-established intergroups.

Intergroups provide an excellent opportunity for members of the fellowship to get involved in service activities beyond their own home groups.

The ICC has its own wiki and documents from local intergroups are loaded to the wiki and shared with each other.  Contact the for more information on the ICC wiki.

List of intergroups and websites:

MeetingName MeetingDay MeetingTimePrint LocalURL InfoLine
Houston Area SAA Intergroup 2nd Sunday 3:00 PM 713-405-1142
Central/Northern Arizona Intergroup of SAA 2nd Saturday 11:30 AM 480-331-5466
Puget Sound Intergroup – Zoom 2nd Sunday 5:00 PM 331-303-2077
Twin Cities Intergroup Business Meeting 2nd Tuesday 5:00 PM 651-646-1970
Southern California Intergroup 1st Saturday 4:00 PM 213-465-0722
Portland Area Intergroup 3rd Saturday 11:30 AM 346-808-0722
Calgary Group Conscience & Business Meeting Varies

Colorado SAA Intergroup Varies 800-741-5260
Indiana Intergroup 2nd Saturday 4:00 PM 855-784-8739
Bay Area Intergroup 2nd Saturday 11:15 AM 415-456-1063
Northbay Intergroup (meets even months) 4th Monday 6:30 PM 707-408-1078
Greater Vancouver Intergroup 3rd Tuesday 7:00 PM 236-889-5331
Washington DC Area Intergroup 2nd Saturday 1:30 PM 470-22-DCSAA (470-223-2722)
Intergrupo ASA Argentina (Grupo Administrativo) (1er Sabado de cada mes) 1st Saturday 10:00 AM
Central New York Intergroup 3rd Wednesday 6:30 PM
315-728-9SAA (9722)
Austin Intergroup 1st Saturday 11:15 AM 512-956-6868
SAA UK Intergroup (Saturday – every 6 weeks) Varies 2:00 PM +44 (0) 7843 108302
Eugene Intergroup (meets odd months) 1st Wednesday 6:00 PM 541-342-5582
Greater Charlotte Area Intergroup Saturday 10:00 AM 704-266-0722
San Diego Outreach Committee 3rd Thursday 7:00 PM

SAA Telemeeting Intergroup 2nd Sunday 1:00 PM
Central Coast Intergroup (meets quarterly, 3rd Sunday of 1st month) 3rd Sunday 5:30 PM
New York City Intergroup 2nd Sunday 4:45 PM 347-815-4SAA (722) (call or text)
SAA of Southern Arizona 1st Thursday 5:30 PM 520-775-2081
Central Florida Intergroup Last Thursday 6:45 PM 407-906-7220 (Men) 407-906-7221 (Women)
Las Vegas Intergroup Varies 12:00 PM 702-706-6795
Nashville SAA Intergroup Varies 615-403-3625
DFW Intergroup Varies 469-251-0423
Triangle Intergroup 3rd Saturday 10:15 AM 800-921-1896
Madison Area Serenity Intergroup 2nd Monday 6:45 PM 608-845-2309
North Coast Intergroup 3rd Saturday 9:15 AM

Chicagoland SAA Intergroup 3rd Wednesday 6:15 PM
SAA So-Be Intergroup Tuesday 8:00 PM

San Antonio Intergroup 1st Saturday 10:15 AM
Greater Toronto Area Intergroup 3rd Friday 6:30 PM 416-285-0951
Louisville Intergroup 1st Monday 5:45 PM 502-428-8722
Intergroup of Southeast Virginia 2nd Sunday of odd months 3:00 PM 757-398-0006
Iowa Intergroup Varies 319-535-3722
Orange County Intergroup (Temporarily Zoom) 2nd Wednesday 7:00 PM 949-478-5617
Ottawa SAA Intergroup Varies 613-786-1060
NM Intergroup 2nd Sunday 6:00 PM 505-510-1722
Puerto Rico Intergroup of SAA Viernes

Intergroup: SAA Western Cape 1st Sunday 4:30 PM +27 (0) 82 88 99 050
Ohio Valley Intergroup of SAA 2nd Saturday 11:00 AM 614-733-4348
Northern Tier Intergroup Varies

Hope & Recovery Bloomington Intergroup 4th Monday 8:30 PM

Charleston Area Intergroup 1st Monday 5:30 AM 843-608-1722
SAA Georgia Intergroup 3rd Saturday 2:00 PM 678-964-5869
Toledo Area Intergroup Varies
San Jose SAA 1st Saturday 10:00 AM
Finger Lakes Intergroup Varies 815-642-0626
Intimacy and Sexual Avoidance Electronic Meeting Intergroup 2nd Saturday 5:00 AM

SAA Women’s Intergroup (4th Thursday) 1st Sunday 1:30 PM

New Jersey Intergroup – Telemeeting Varies 646-320-8964
SWFL Intergroup 3rd Sunday 4:00 PM

Sponsors Helping Sponsors Thursday 8:00 AM
SAA Big Book Study Intergroup 1st Saturday 12:00 PM[id]=171
SAA Israel Intergroup Thursday 8:00 PM 058-7895559
SAA Australia Intergroup Sunday +61 3 9513 2572
S BIPOC Intergroup 2nd & 4th Saturday 11:30 PM
Birmingham Grace Fellowship Intergroup Varies 9:00 AM 205-933-0520