Discussion of the Twelve Concepts for SAA Service
2022-07-30 - 2022-09-14, 11:30 am CT (09:30 am PT) (10:30 am MT) (12:30 pm ET) (1730 UTC)

The Twelve Concepts Subcommittee of the CSC (Conference Steering Committee) invites you to join us for a discussion about the proposed Twelve Concepts for SAA Service. We have met by videoconference beginning February 19.  Each session will last approximately ninety minutes, and the multiple sessions will provide opportunities for members of the fellowship to offer feedback on the concepts.

At the 2021 meeting of the ISO Conference, the delegates approved a method of adopting or changing our core spiritual documents. A draft version of the proposed concepts is now in a minimum of one year of review by the fellowship at large.

The concepts, which have been under development since 2018, are available for review and study during the next year, before a motion to approve these concepts is presented at the 2022 meeting of the Conference.

The discussion sessions will consist of a high-level overview of the proposed concepts, discussing how the concepts apply to all levels of service within SAA and why they are important for all members of the fellowship. Techniques that groups may use to discuss the concepts will also be covered, and time will be available for open discussion concerning our experience, strength, and hope around the concepts and the spiritual principles they express.

The remaining discussions will be held on July 30, and an additional session is also planned for Wednesday evening, September 14.  Members of the Concepts Subcommittee are also willing to meet with a group, an intergroup, or an area assembly if a more detailed presentation is desired.

For more information about the discussion sessions, email