For Review: Draft Twelve Concepts of SAA Service

At the 2021 meeting of the ISO Conference, the delegates approved a method of adopting or changing our core spiritual documents.  A draft version of the proposed concepts is being worked on by the Twelve Concepts Subcommittee of the Conference Steering Committee.

The current draft of the Twelve Concepts of SAA Service, which have been under development since 2018, are available for review on the website here.

The Concepts Subcommittee is working hard to have a final draft to present to the fellowship at the 2024 ISO Conference in October. This will begin a formal minimum one year review cycle for groups to offer any final comments or suggestions.

We recommend that groups begin to read the proposed draft during meetings or business meetings to introduce SAA members to the proposed SAA Concepts of Service.

If your group, intergroup, or area would like to  request a  member of the subcommittee for an open discussion or opportunity to provide constructive feedback about the concepts,  please email