Host Needed for Women’s Retreat

The ISO Women’s Outreach Committee (WOC) is accepting proposals from local fellowships to host one of its annual International Women’s Retreat in 2019. The hosting fellowship will have the full support of the WOC, including financial help with start-up expenses. The host will be responsible for planning the retreat and making all local arrangements. It is anticipated that the retreat would be self-supporting, so that start-up funds would be available for future retreats.

The retreat has been held at various retreat centers/campgrounds to encourage participation. It should be within reasonable driving distance of a major airport using local member (men and women) support for transportation.

Weekends usually include meetings, workshops, breakout sessions, activities offered by the venue, a meditation room, and other fun activities. Host groups and committees are encouraged to create their own retreats as new ideas are always welcome.

The WOC has a budget to help financially with startup expenses such as the site deposit. It is our intention that the retreat be self-supporting, thus freeing that budget for the following year’s start-up expenses. We ask that the event not be in April or May. (Past retreats have been in March and September.)

Groups may express their interest by filling out the proposal form (Word Document) and sending to the .