LifeLine Partners

Download an enrollment form. Please spread the news to your group.

Lifelines do make a difference!

While all donations are greatly appreciated, LifeLines alone provide the steady, predictable income that allows for planning of complex and long-term projects. The growth in the number of LifeLine Partners has allowed the ISO to provide unprecedented levels of support for outreach projects. Major multi-media outreach projects have been conducted in major cities across the United States. These projects have given us the potential to reach several million people! Additional outreach projects will continue to be supported by LifeLines.Thank you for making your LifeLine donation!

How to Participate: Enroll as a new LifeLine Partner or increase your current LifeLine.

To join LifeLine Partners:

  1. Print an enrollment form and mail it to ISO, PO Box 70949, Houston, TX 77270,
  2. Use the secure online form here, or
  3. Call us at 800-477-8191 and sign up over the phone

The ISO thanks you for your support!