“Our fellowship is open to women and men, regardless of age, race, religion, ethnic background, marital status, or occupation. We welcome members of any sexual identity or orientation, whether they are gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or transgender.”

— Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 1-2

Welcome to Sex Addicts Anonymous!  This page contains information which may be of interest to LGBT members or potential members of SAA.

LGBT Meetings

SAA is open to members of any gender identity or sexual orientation, though specific meetings may have restrictions such as men-only or women-only. However, if you wish to find a meeting that is commonly attended by members of the LGBT community, click here for a PDF listing, or contact your local group or intergroup representative.

Telephone and Web-based meetings

Various types of telemeetings are held every day of the week.  These are listed in the meeting search results.  Telemeetings are excellent venues to meet other members and create a support group and/or sponsorship.  LGBT telemeetings include the Sunday meeting, Monday meeting, and Tuesday meeting. (Days are subject to change.)

If you are able to obtain information on additional SAA meetings which are explicitly welcoming of gender minorities or sexual orientations, please so we can increase our referral list.

LGBT Literature and Audio

The SAA green book, Sex Addicts Anonymous, is  available online in a read-only format, through the store as a downloadable ebook, and as a traditional paperback book, available at the store and at many meetings.

For detailed information regarding SAA and LGBT sex addicts, read the pamphlet “SAA and the Lesbian/ Gay / Bisexual / Transgender Sex Addict,” available in read-only format and at the store.

All other SAA publications are available in read-only format and at the store.

Recordings from past conventions are available in MP3 format for downloading in the audio section of the store.

LGBT Recordings

The following is a list of titles of MP3’s recorded at previous ISO international conventions that are LGBT related.

1995 and Before: Gay and Lesbian Concerns in SAA: A Gay Flower in a Heterosexual Garden, Presenters: Sean S., Bill S., Grainne M.
1996: Gays and Straights Recovering Together, Presenter: Michael L.
1996: Bisexuality and Sex Addiction ( A Light Hearted Dialogue), Presenter:Glen S.
1998: Same Sex Relationships in Heterosexuals, Presenter: Art P.
1998: Gays and Straights Recovering Together, Presenter: Mike L.
1999: Gays and Straights Recovering Together, Presenter: Mike L.
1999: Steps 2 and 3- God Accepts ME as a Gay Sex Addict, Presenter: Thom C.

2001: Gay Men in Recovery (I will survive), Presenters: Greg G., Steve B, and Joel D.

2001: Being Gay and In Recovery, Presenter: Patrick V.

2009: LGBT Panel Discussion, Presenters: Panel

Contact Us

If you are an LGBT sex addict seeking help,

Women needing sponsors, telemeeting information, and other program support should contact the Women’s Outreach Committee.

Men needing sponsors, telemeeting information, and other program support should contact the Men’s Outreach Subcommittee. We may be able to help you contact other members for support and/or sponsorship via phone and email. Numerous members welcome contact with other LGBT people. .

The ISO (International Service Organization) office of SAA can be reached at 1-800-477-8191 or 1-713-869-4902 or .

We hope this answers some of your concerns.  Please if we can be of further help.

LGBT Stories

The following stories from the Green Book are LGBT related.



  • Making a Choice (Gay)
  • 125
  • Her Dreams Are Coming True (Lesbian)
  • 129
  • Tragic Consequences/Great Rewards (Gay)
  • 154
  • Two Worlds Collide (Gay)
  • 167
  • Out of the Parking Lots (Gay)
  • 198
  • From Insanity to Serenity (Lesbian/Bisexual)
  • 215
  • Powerless Priest (Gay)
  • 228
  • A Time to Grow (Bisexual)
  • 240
  • A Life Calling (Gay)
  • 255
  • One of the Chosen People (Gay)
  • 285
  • The Gift of Sobriety (Gay)
  • 299
  • The Key to Healing (Lesbian)
  • 303