Literature Committee

“The Literature Committee shall have supervisory authority over the content of all ISO publications.”

— Bylaws of the ISO of SAA, Inc., Article V, Section 3

The ISO Literature Committee (LitCom) is made up of at large representative from the fellowship. Members of the LitCom are elected for three-year terms by the delegates at the ISO annual business meeting.

The LitCom, established in the Bylaws of the ISO, is charged with “supervisory authority over the content of all ISO publications.” Also defined in the Bylaws is primary responsibility of the LitCom to the “members of the corporation” — namely the delegates elected by SAA member groups throughout the fellowship.

In accordance with this mandate, the LitCom has developed policies and procedures, focusing on maintaining the accuracy, integrity, and clarity of the SAA message for the benefit of members of the fellowship and the sex addict who still suffers. The LitCom has established five standing subcommittees under which work groups are assigned to specific projects.

The LitCom subcommittees and their assigned area of responsibility are as follows:

  • Operations and Policy Subcommittee
    Planning and overseeing issues and projects that affect the whole LitCom.
  • Major Works Subcommittee
    Reviewing and updating Sex Addicts Anonymous and development of an SAA meditation book.
  • In-reach Subcommittee
    Planning and overseeing projects in support of members within the fellowship.
  • Outreach Subcommittee
    Planning and overseeing projects that target persons outside the Fellowship, such as addicts in search of recovery, counselors, law enforcement officers, concerned friends, and family members.
  • Periodicals Subcommittee
    Developing policy and reviewing content for the ISO newsletter, The Outer Circle, and for the SAA websites.

The following terminology has been adopted by the LitCom as official designations for literature published or sold by the ISO:

  • “Literature Committee Approved” is the official designation required for publication of a piece by the ISO as SAA literature.
  • “Concurrent Review/Distribution” allows immediate publication of urgent or time-sensitive pieces by the ISO while LitCom review continues.
  • “Conference Approved” is reserved for Literature Committee approved pieces that receive the additional approval of the delegates at an annual convention.

Service on the LitCom also represents a major commitment of time and energy to the welfare of the fellowship. The LitCom normally meets for two days prior to the annual business meeting. In addition, regular meetings of the LitCom by teleconference are held monthly. Subcommittees and work groups meet by teleconference throughout the year. Special meetings of the LitCom may be called between regular meetings to address items needing immediate attention.

The official statement establishing the ISO Literature Committee is found in the Bylaws of the ISO of SAA, Article V. In addition, guidelines for service at the international level, adopted by the Board, are published annually in the Call to Convention.

Literature Committee invites submissions

The ISO Literature Committee invites members of the fellowship to submit original writings about the SAA program of recovery (such as pamphlets or booklets) for consideration and possible publication by the ISO.

The guidelines for submission of literature, as well as a pre-review questionnaire and release form, are available here.