Testimonials from Professionals

See also the FAQs for Professionals and PI/CPC (Public Information/Cooperation for the Professional Community) literature on the literature page.

From a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Houston, TX: SAA has helped countless addicts go from shame to grace, finding a freedom that most never thought possible. Through an embrace of the 12 Step model, addicts who work this program of recovery experience a transformation in which their lives are spiritually reoriented to their higher power, themselves, and others. I’ve worked with hundreds of men and women, people of diverse backgrounds and creeds, who have found in SAA a safe and supportive family of choice to join them in a healing journey. To the addict who still suffers, I implore you: give this program a chance! At the very least, you’ll find good help, and you might even find a lasting home.

From a PhD and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) in Arizona: “Participating in a group of supportive recovering people is essential to recovery. My clients get benefits from the group experience that they could never get from a therapist. I see involvement in SAA as an essential adjunct to the treatment process.”

From a CSAT in Seattle, WA: I refer almost all my clients in sexual recovery to Sex Addicts Anonymous. Since 2006 I’ve seen a clear trend: recovering sex addicts who participate jointly in therapy and Twelve-Step fellowship recovery get sober/better faster and stay functioning at a higher level longer. I urge clients to try six meetings, call others for support (phone lists can be accessed at meetings), and as for mentorship/sponsoring as soon as possible. I’m deeply grateful for SAA for helping addicts recover in loving community.

From a Registered Nurse and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in Texas: “Addiction occurs in Isolation and Recovery in Community.” A familiar statement to most. When a client comes into therapy, I emphasize that developing a support team, and sharing with others who understand what you are struggling with, is by far the most important aspect of their recovery. Shame, isolation, anger, fear, and depression are common responses to uncovering your behaviors. Houston SAA is the best avenue for understanding yourself, the impact of your behaviors and to develop a roadmap for change. Here you will have a community of support and gain the faith, hope and experience of others to guide you in your journey. The promises of recovery will come to light. I wholeheartedly support SAA and its mission.