“The members of this corporation, also known as “ISO conference delegates,” or “international conference delegates,” shall consist of one individual elected by each SAA member group as its international conference delegate.”

— Bylaws of the ISO of SAA, Inc., Article II, Section 1.

The delegates to the international ISO Conference elected by SAA area assemblies are the “shareholders” in the ISO corporate structure. At the annual meeting and special called meetings, the delegates represent the opinions and wishes of the areas and member groups that elect them.  They serve as the effective voice of the fellowship.

A meeting of the delegates is convened annually by the Board of Trustees. At that meeting, the delegates receive the annual report of the ISO of SAA, and consider business items of interest to the fellowship.

In addition, the delegates elect members to fill vacancies on the Board of Trustees,  the Literature Committee and the Conference committees, Conference Steering Committee, Conference Nominating Committee and Conference Area Coordinating Committee.

The delegate serves in the area assembly as the conduit of information to and from the ISO.  They also conduct any other business of particular interest to members and member groups in each area.

Each delegate to the international conference is elected to serve for a one-year period of time.  The delegate term starts on the first day of the annual meeting of the Conference and ends the day before the next annual meeting.

Additional information about and for delegates is provided in the annual Call to Conference.

To register as a delegate, please register here.  When a delegate registers they will be the delegate-elect until their term starts and they attend the conference.  Once they have attended the conference, they become the delegate of record for that service year.  Please contact the ISO at for more information.


There is a substantial increase in the delegate registration fee if the fee is not paid by the deadline. The deadline, which changes each year, may be found in the “Call to Conference” which is mailed to each group.