FAQs for Professionals

See also Testimonials from Professionals and PI/CPC (Public Information/Cooperation for the Professional Community) literature on the literature page.

How does SAA Work?

The basic premise of SAA is that addicts can help each other recover from sexual addiction. The core of the SAA program is the Twelve Steps, a set of guidelines that can help addicts achieve recovery. By following these guidelines and working closely with other addicts, those seeking recovery learn to face life in a sexually sober manner. The Steps can also help addicts recover from the damaging beliefs and attitudes underlying their sex addiction.

Why is SAA Anonymous?

Anonymity is one of the guiding principles of the SAA program. Anonymity allows addicts to attend meetings without fear of their identity being disclosed. Confidence that their anonymity will be respected can help an addict feel safe attending meetings.

Can Anyone be an SAA member?

Membership is open to anyone with a desire to stop their addictive sexual behavior.  There is no other requirement. Our fellowship is open to all genders, regardless of race, religion, ethnic background, marital status, or occupation. We welcome members of any sexual identity or orientation.

What are SAA Meetings?

Meetings are the heart of the SAA fellowship where our primary approach to recovery – addicts helping addicts – takes place. Most SAA meetings are held at the same time and place each week, in a public facility or online, and are led by the members.

Is SAA a Religious Organization?

Sex Addicts Anonymous is not aligned with any sect, denomination, or dogma.  The Twelve Step program of recovery is considered spiritual in nature because the program leads to inner change and involves surrender to a power greater than ourselves. Our program includes religious and non-religious members. Everyone is welcome.

Do my clients have to sign up for meetings in advance?

No. They are welcome to drop in at most meetings; however, some meetings prefer they speak to the meeting contact person first.

Can I as a professional attend an SAA meeting?

Yes. You are welcome to attend any meeting designated as “open to visitors” on the “Find a Meeting” section of this website. https://saa-recovery.org/meetings/

Are there any dues or fees?

No. We are solely supported by the voluntary contributions of our members.

Do my clients have to speak at the meetings?

No, they are not required to speak. They are welcome just to listen.

What SAA does not do

SAA is not therapy or treatment, has no opinion on the subject, and does not diagnose any medical or psychological conditions. All participation is voluntary. SAA does not pressure or solicit people to attend. SAA offers no clinical, scientific, or professional expertise. We do not participate in research or keep any records or case studies.  We are not allied or affiliated with any outside organization or cause, although SAA members, groups, and special workers in our international service office frequently cooperate with them. SAA does not compete with anyone. We make no claims of effectiveness.