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“We share our experience with each other, which reminds us that we have a common illness and that we are not alone. By sharing our stories, we remind ourselves of our progress in recovery, and we give each other hope.”

— Sex Addicts Anonymous, p. 12
The Outer Circle

Submit your experience, strength, and hope to The Outer Circle.

The SAA newsletter, The Outer Circle, is published bi-monthly by the International Service Organization (ISO) of SAA. It is available without cost by download from this website or by request in writing to .

The newsletter contains original articles and poetry about sex addiction written by members of the Fellowship. It also presents news of ISO and regional activities and other information of interest to members of the fellowship.

Cover of the July - August 2024 TOC - Image of a girl with hands together in prayerThe theme of this issue is “Higher Power,” a concept that eludes many but is central to our recovery.

Approximately 1,500 copies of the newsletter are printed and mailed each issue. We also send out by email over 8,000 copies of the newsletter. The Outer Circle is a vital way to share the message of recovery to all SAA members, including prisoners and others who don’t have access to the internet.

SAA meetings are encouraged to share the newsletter and display it alongside other SAA literature. A group can sign up for a printed copy or print out the online version.

If you have comments or suggestions for The Outer Circle, send them to the editor of The Outer Circle by email. or by postal mail to the ISO office. To have an article considered for publication, see our writer’s guidelines below.

To ensure that future issues can be offered without cost to members of the Fellowship, please consider making a tax-deductible donation now to support publication of the newsletter. You can make a donation right now on-line by a secure, encrypted transaction.

You may download current and past issues of the newsletter directly from this website by clicking on the issue below.

Groups and intergroups are encouraged to link to the latest copy of The Outer Circle on their websites. The permalink is

Submit to The Outer Circle.

Submit your experience, strength, and hope to The Outer Circle.




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