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ISO Service Opportunities Available

In preparation for the 2021 annual meeting of the ISO Conference, the Nominating Committee (No...

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – SAA

Latest update: 2021-08-12 It has been over a year and a half since COVID-19 changed our lives....

Author’s Group Welcomes Members

Have you ever wanted to write something recovery-related but didn’t know where to share it? Do...

Draft Twelve Concepts of SAA Service Released

At the 2021 meeting of the ISO Conference, the delegates approved a method of adopting or chan...

An easier way to donate is here! You can now donate by text or on the web

General Donation as an Individual In the U.S., text “SAA” to 91999. You will recei...

Do you have information for the SAA history project?

Volunteers are gathering data for a history monograph, chronicling the beginning and growth of...

Pamphlets and Booklets Available in e-book Format

Our pamphlets and booklets are now available in e-book format, starting at only 50¢ each. Titl...

Italian translation of the Green Book is now available!

We are happy to announce that an Italian version of the Green Book (Sex Addicts Anonymous) is ...

Literature Committee invites submissions

The ISO Literature Committee invites members of the fellowship to submit original writings abo...

Newsletter Features Topical Issues

This year The Outer Circle will feature articles on specific Steps, Traditions, and other sele...

New Women’s Intergroup Formed, Distinct from Women’s Outreach Committee

We are pleased to introduce the newly formed SAA Women’s Intergroup! The group has been ...

LGBT Members Looking for Sponsorship

The LGBT Fellowship Sub-committee is looking for LGBT and LGBT-friendly members to sponsor the...


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Exploring Inclusion and Diversity in SAA
2022-01-29, 10:00 am - 2:30 pm CT / 16:00 - 20:30 UTC

Join the ISO Inclusion and Diversity Committee for a half-day event to explore and celebrate diversity and inclusion in SAA. The day will include meetings, discussions, and reflections. This is a world-wide event. All SAA members are welcome. Email or call contact below for information.

7th Annual Sponsorship Workshop
2022-02-05, 9am - 1pm EST (8am - 12pm CST) (1400 - 1800 UTC)

This event will be a discussion for sponsors, sponsees, and those who want to become one. Reach out to the contact person below for virtual login information.

Bay Area SAA Quarterly Speakers Meeting
2022-02-05, 5:30pm PT (6:30pm MT)(7:30pm CT)(8:30pm ET)(0130 UTC)

The first quarterly Speakers Meeting for SAA of 2022 is Saturday, February 5th at 5:30 PST! We have two wonderful speakers, Bennett D (SAA) from Oakland and Brian T (COSA) from the Bay Area who will share their experience, strength, and hope with us. Please pass along this info to your meetings and spend time […]

Sponsorship Workshop: How to Sponsor
2022-02-12, 1:00-2:30pm EST (10:00 - 12:30 PST) (1800 - 1930 UTC)

The sponsorship workshop, hosted by and following the methods of the SAA Primary Purpose Group, will consist of a panel of six recovered sex addicts with experience sponsoring others. Each panel member will speak for ten minutes on a particular topic related to sponsorship. They will include in their presentation a selected quote or passage […]

SAA Step Workshop – LGBTQ+ focus – Spring 2022
2022-02-16, 5:30pm PT (6:30pm MT) (7:30 CT) (8:30pm ET) (0130 UTC) (Runtime: 60-90 minutes each week)

If you are an LGBTQ+ SAA member, new to the program, and do not yet have a sponsor, come get started on the Steps by attending this series of workshops. This is a safe and inclusive space to build a strong foundation in the program and start your recovery journey. Sessions begin on February 16, […]

Discussion of the Twelve Concepts for SAA Service
2022-02-19, 11:30 am CT (09:30 am PT) (10:30 am MT) (12:30 pm ET) (1730 UTC)

The Twelve Concepts Subcommittee of the CSC (Conference Steering Committee) invites you to join us for a discussion about the proposed Twelve Concepts for SAA Service. We plan to meet by videoconference beginning February 19.  Each session will last approximately ninety minutes, and the multiple sessions will provide opportunities for members of the fellowship to […]

5th Annual Calgary Co-ed STEP Retreat
2022-03-11 - 2022-03-13

The Calgary SAA Step Retreat is for women and men recovering from sexual addiction. It is open to all who wish to recover from pornography, love, relationship, co-dependency, and any other type of sexual addiction. The retreat will give participants an uninterrupted stretch of time, with close guidance from facilitator-sponsors, to work the Steps in […]

How to Spend Less Time in the Tenth Step by Spending More Time in the Tenth Step
2022-03-12, 1PM ET (12PM CT) (11AM MT) (10AM PT) (1800 UTC)

Join the Friday Midday Big Book Study group for a special virtual event. The event will focus on the AA Big Book’s “Proactive” side of the Tenth Step, which is often not emphasized, but if practiced diligently leads to growth and increased effectiveness in the practice of the Twelfth Step. It will also look at […]

Houston Area Spring Retreat 2022
2022-04-29 - 2022-05-01, 4/29/22 (4 PM) - 5/1/22 (12:30 PM)

Whether you are new to SAA or have been in the fellowship for a while, after the past few years, each of us yearns to shed the past and grow into a bright new day. This recovery retreat, sponsored by the Houston Area Intergroup, creates a highly anticipated date to embrace the joy, peace, and […]