Event Announcement Request

The ISO of SAA publishes announcements of local and regional events on the SAA website as a service to members of the fellowship. To request posting of an announcement, please complete the form below. All blanks are required information, including at least one contact person with telephone number or email address (see Caution below).

ISO policy requires that events listed on the SAA website are sponsored by a registered SAA member group or intergroup. Listing of an event co-sponsored with a non-SAA entity is not permitted.

Please note that the ISO reserves the right to edit submissions to conform to ISO policy and website guidelines and to publish or not to publish any particular announcement.

  Turn around is estimated at 3 – 5 days. Therefore, we recommend that you submit your event no later than 14 days prior to the event.

Contact information (at least one contact is required):


All information posted on this website is open to unlimited public scrutiny. Exact location of events and private personal information should be omitted. It is further recommended that group or intergroup contact information rather than personal email addresses and telephone numbers be used, when possible.


By submitting this request, the above group or intergroup hereby releases the ISO of SAA, Inc. and any of its representatives from any and all liabilities that may result from the publication or use of this information.