ISO Area Registration Form

Registration Form For Proposed ISO Area

Thank you for beginning the process of forming an Area. During the 2016 – 2017 Service Year the Area Coordinating Committee (ACC) will work actively with Groups and the ISO office to align Groups with Areas.

Motion 2016 D0003, the Area Formation Process, offers these guidelines in items a. and b. below.

a. As described in Motion 2015-D007, Areas should be based upon the commonalities of geographical proximity, language, or electronic meeting modality (e.g., telemeetings).

b. Groups will be encouraged to submit an Area Proposal when approximately 20 groups are aligned together, with a goal of attaining a 30-group minimum by the year 2025, as described in Motion 2015-D007. Some exceptions will be made. (Being aligned with an Area does not necessarily mean that a group actively participates in the Area but that the group is simply contained within the geography or other commonality that describes the Area.)

Within these guidelines an Area may include 60 or more groups or as few as 20. Still exceptions can be made for groups in isolated locations that have a limited number of available groups.

You are encouraged to draw borders for an Area that best suits your location ever mindful that your borders will also become the borders of adjoining Areas. We are all challenged to do what is best for SAA as a whole.

Form Instructions

Please send a completed copy of this form with subject of “Proposed ISO AREA Registration”:

(send as a file attachment or scanned document)
By postal mail: PO BOX 70949; Houston TX 77270-0949
By fax: 713-692-0105

Special Meeting Information

Some groups do not publish their meeting location to the internet. Information provided on this form DOES NOT change that agreement. We use the group information from this form to associate Groups with the proposed Area that will serve them so we need, at minimum, enough information to identify each group.

Any questions?

Or call us – (713) 869-4902 or (800) 477-8191.

Form A: Proposed Area Information

Name of Proposed Area

How many groups will be represented?

Demographic Descriptions



Geographic Proximity

Common Language

Virtual/Electronic (Meeting format)

Other Shared Commonality

For ALL Areas: Please select one primary commonality but feel free to describe additional commonalities/demographics as they apply.

For geographic areas: Please describe the geographical boundaries of the proposed area, if applicable (e.g., the state line, East of a particular interstate highway, west of the continental divide, north of some river, south of an imaginary line from one town to another). Include a map or drawing, if possible.

For virtual/electronic commonalities: This will typically be the communication method or technology used for meetings: telephone, Skype, VOIP, IRC, XMPP chat rooms, etc. We may select a generic description to avoid using corporate/trademark names (i.e., “Web Call” rather than Skype/VOIP).

Area Advocate Information

Primary Advocate Name


Zip/Postal Code

Main Phone

Mailing Address



Second Phone

The Area Advocate may be any SAA member or members from the Proposed Area. The Area Advocate acts as the champion for a Proposed Area, reaching out to local groups and encouraging GSR registration.


Alternate Area Advocate Information

Primary Advocate Name


Zip/Postal Code

Main Phone

Mailing Address



Second Phone

Form B : Participating Group Information

Groups within the proposed Area (with a description of your proposed Area the ISO may be able to help you complete this part of the Application).

Please list the Groups in the proposed Area on this form. Keeping in mind that this is a proposed Area, please include both Groups currently participating and also those not currently participating. Please include Group name, the ISO code for that Group, and city, county, state (province, etc.), zip/postal code and country for each Group. GSR (Group Service Representative) name, GSR contact information. The ISO Group code consists of an abbreviation for your region, and a group number. If you don't know the ISO Group code or any other information include all the information you have or please contact the ISO office for assistance at 1-800-477-8191.

You may use this spreadsheet form available from the ISO Service Website. Both paper or electronic format are acceptable. Use additional copies of Form B as needed to list all Groups for the proposed Area.

Group Name

Mtg Day

Mtg Address


Zip/Post Code

GSR Name

GSR email

Group Code

Mtg Time




GSR phone