Literature Submission

Please review the general guidelines for submission found here. A PDF version of these documents is also available.

Authors are encouraged to consult the Literature Committee style sheet when writing material for possible publication by the ISO. The LitCom uses the Chicago Manual of Style, Seventeenth Edition, as its primary reference and includes additional guidelines for standard use of terminology that is specific or unique to SAA.

Name of Submission (Required)

Note of explanation: In order to give each submission appropriate consideration for publication by the ISO of SAA, the Literature Committee requests relevant background information. Please answer the questions below. Attach additional pages if needed. Thank you in advance for providing this important information.

With whom should we communicate regarding this submission?

Has this piece been subjected to review by an SAA group or persons other than the author?

Important note: Submissions from individual authors or local groups or intergroups must be accompanied by a signed General Release (see below).

For ISO-developed submissions only

Has this piece been approved in concept by the Board of Trustees?

Are you requesting Concurrent Review/Distribution?

* Submissions for which an urgent need for publication is demonstrated may be granted an initial expedited review (2-4 weeks) by the Literature Committee for immediate distribution, while full review and final approval proceed.