Annual Appeal

The Annual Appeal runs September – December

Your Help Will Make a Difference

While much has been done to carry the message of recovery, we can and must do more. With your help, we will reach those still struggling alone.

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Dear SAA Members and Groups:

Dear SAA Members and Groups,

Sex addiction is a pandemic of suffering. At the ISO office, we experience this pain first-hand when we answer calls like these from newcomers.

  • One man had been arrested at home in front of his family – his wife and children traumatized and devastated.
  • A distraught mother called about her son who had been expelled from college – his full scholarship lost.
  • The acting out behaviors of a man in a high-profile position were made public – his career and reputation in shambles.

While there were long-established meetings within minutes of their homes, none of these individuals had ever heard of SAA until their lives came crashing down. 

This reality highlights the urgent need to reach ever greater numbers of suffering sex addicts before more lives are ruined.

The ISO is working hard to address this need by providing an expanding array of services to help groups carry the message of recovery via:

Informational mailings to professionalsOnline notices/ads
Presentations to non-SAA organizationsOffice visits with professionals
Print notices/ads in local newspapersTraining on how to carry the message

Success! These services helped SAA groups complete a record thirty-nine projects in 2019 that reached thousands of people. (2020 & 2021 projects were limited due to pandemic.)

The ISO is committed to helping groups do even more projects in 2022 and beyond.

With your help, we can expand our fellowship’s ability to reach ever greater numbers of people.

Additional ISO services are listed below entitled 30 Essential ISO Services

Please donate today and help us reach our goal of $20,000.

You can create a lasting impact if you choose to donate monthly.

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Text to Donate: Members in the U.S. can also text SAAHOPE (SAAHOPEG for groups) to 91999 to donate.


Paul M
Executive Director, ISO of SAA
On behalf of the ISO Board of Trustees

How are my donations used?

30 Essential ISO Services and Resources

  1. Refers newcomers to local SAA meetings and answers 1500+ phone calls, emails, letters, and texts per month
  2. Manages the bookstore; sells and ships literature and sobriety chips/medallions
  3. Ships about fifty free packets of literature to prisoners per month
  4. Sponsorship by Mail program: Coordinates more than 400 SAA prisoner letter writers
  5. Receives an average of 200 letters per month from prisoners and forwards them to their SAA letter writer
  6. Educates prison officials about the SAA program
  7. Guides and supports SAA members to start new meetings
  8. Registers new meetings
  9. Updates meeting database and lists public meeting information on
  10. Maintains four websites:,,, and developing a fifth website:
  11. Cooperates with the U.S and Canadian 2-1-1 information network of health, human, and social service organizations and provides SAA contact information for their websites
  12. Through the Author’s Group, supports members and groups who wish to develop and submit literature.
  13. Produces literature in paper, electronic, and audio formats
  14. Works with various distributors to see that SAA literature is available in bookstores, online bookstores, and internationally
  15. Registers SAA trademarks and copyrights and protects them from unauthorized use
  16. Coordinates translations of SAA literature into various languages
  17. Supports service committees
  18. Organizes over forty Zoom conferences per month for various service committees and Board of Trustees
  19. Responds to inquiries from media
  20. Publishes bi-monthly newsletter The Outer Circle
  21. Presents training webinars to SAA members about carrying the message and other topics
  22. Provides financial and technical support to help groups carry the message of recovery via mailings, e-mails, attending professional conferences, etc.
  23. Attends national professional conferences/conventions and educates attendees about SAA
  24. Identifies, trains, and supports local Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) Coordinators –about 100 (CPC is vital in our efforts to carry the message.)
  25. Identifies, trains, and supports local LifeLine Champions –about twenty-eight.
  26. Communicates SAA news and events via emails and websites
  27. Updates and e-mails weekly the Men’s Support List to help SAA members find sponsors.
  28. Coordinates the annual meeting of the ISO Conference
  29. Coordinates the annual ISO International Convention
  30. Complies with all applicable laws and regulations, including quarterly/annual reporting and collection of sales taxes

SAA Connect

SAA Connect is an exciting new website that will provide a wealth of recovery resources to our members; especially for people in outlying areas. The chart below details the features of SAA Connect and the funding status of each phase. Your donations will help support this vital project.

Phases of SAA Connect:

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Text to Donate: Members in the U.S. can also text SAAHOPE (SAAHOPEG for groups) to 91999 to donate.