Annual Appeal

The Annual Appeal runs November 2023 – January 2024

Your Help Will Make a Difference

While much has been done to carry the message of recovery, we can and must do more. With your help, we will reach those still struggling alone.

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Dear SAA Members and Groups:

Dear Members of the SAA Fellowship,

Please help support the ISO. Your financial support makes a difference in the lives of many.

Addiction to compulsive sexual behavior has caused pain to us and those around us. We experienced overwhelming hopelessness, fear, and shame.

Many of us lost families, friends, jobs, or careers. Some of us were incarcerated as a result of our addiction, and some of us lost our lives. Sex addiction destroys many priceless things – spirituality, intimacy, relationships, and families.

Our message of recovery – that freedom from addictive sexual behavior is possible through the Twelve Steps of SAA– makes a difference. We have seen lives transformed. We have seen hopelessness turned into hope. We have seen relationships restored and new, healthy relationships formed. The program makes a difference for many who suffer from sex addiction.

Your contributions have helped carry our message of hope to thousands through outreach efforts, including the SAA outreach website, prisoner outreach, women’s outreach, LGBT outreach, sponsorship lists, literature, and PI/CPC initiatives. We are so grateful to you for helping create and support efforts to carry the message.

While we have made progress, there is still much to be done.

Of critical importance is implementing a new meeting search function.

Many SAA members, newcomers, and professionals complain that they cannot find the meeting information they need.

If we are going to carry the message, newcomers must be able to find meetings to attend easily. Professionals must have easy access to meeting information they can forward to their clients.

While progress has been made, the ISO needs additional funding and resources to proceed with this vital project.

You can help fund the new meeting search page and other outreach functions by donating to the Annual Appeal.

Donate here:

Text to Donate: Members in the US can text SAAHOPE (SAAHOPEG for groups) to 91999 to donate.

Please donate today and help us reach our goal of $20,000.

Tracy R
Executive Director, ISO of SAA
On behalf of the ISO Board of Trustees

How are my donations used?

30 Essential ISO Services and Resources

The ISO:

  1. Refers newcomers to local SAA meetings and answers 1500+ phone calls, emails, letters, and texts per month.
  2. Manages the bookstore; sells and ships literature and sobriety chips/medallions.
  3. Ships about 50 free packets of literature to prisoners per month.
  4. Maintains Sponsorship by Mail Program: Coordinates more than 400 SAA prisoner letter writers.
  5. Receives an average of 200 letters per month from prisoners and forwards them to their SAA letter writer.
  6. Educates prison officials about the SAA program.
  7. Guides and supports SAA members to start new meetings.
  8. Registers new meetings.
  9. Updates the meeting database and lists public meeting information on
  10. Maintains four websites:,,, and Developing a fifth website:
  11. Cooperates with the U.S and Canadian 2-1-1 information network of health, human, and social service organizations and provides SAA contact information for their websites.
  12. Through the Author’s Group, supports members and groups who wish to develop and submit literature.
  13. Produces literature in paper, electronic, and audio formats.
  14. Works with various distributors to see that SAA literature is available in bookstores, online bookstores, and internationally.
  15. Registers SAA trademarks and copyrights and protects them from unauthorized use.
  16. Coordinates translations of SAA literature into various languages.
  17. Supports ISO service committees.
  18. Organizes over 40 Zoom conferences per month for various service committees and the Board of Trustees.
  19. Responds to inquiries from the media.
  20. Publishes the bi-monthly newsletter The Outer Circle, which is delivered electronically to all members including over 600 inmates.
  21. Presents training webinars to SAA members on how to carry the message and other topics.
  22. Provides support to help groups carry the message of recovery via mailings, e-mails, attending professional conferences, etc.
  23. Attends national professional conferences/conventions and educates attendees about SAA.
  24. Identifies, trains, and supports local Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) Coordinators –about 100. (CPC is similar to outreach).
  25. Identifies, trains, and supports local LifeLine Champions – about 28 of them presently.
  26. Communicates SAA news and events via emails and websites, and soon by text.
  27. Provides separate support lists for women, men, and LGBT members.
  28. Coordinates the annual Delegate Conference, including creating the website for meeting and hotel registration.
  29. Coordinates the annual ISO International Convention, including creating the website for meeting and hotel registration.
  30. Supervises audit of SAA finances while ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including quarterly/annual reporting and collection of sales taxes.