New SAA Meditation Book, “Voices of Recovery”

We are excited to announce that SAA’s long-awaited meditation book is now available!

Voices of Recovery is the response to requests from SAA members for a meditation book written and produced by the fellowship. This book is not the work of a single person. Numerous individuals have donated their time and talents to writing, reading, selecting, and editing the meditations.

Each meditation is a reflection of the individual member’s own experience, strength, and hope in their own recovery process. The meditations may be read daily based on the date, by topic using the index, or by any other way the reader or group desires.

We pray that Voices of Recovery will aid individuals in their recovery and assist groups in carrying the SAA message!

Voices of Recovery may be purchased at our website store in both paperback and ebook formats here.

We have also recently published a few other new items that you may not be aware of. These include the “Hope of Recovery” pamphlet, the
“Recommitting to Recovery” pamphlet, our “First Step to Intimacy” pamphlet, and our newly-revised “Writing to Prisoners” pamphlet. These may also be found at our online store.